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We are always looking for more people to help us to protect the Peregrines and raise awareness of the importance of this project.

It is a great opportunity to become part of a team and to interact with people who are interested in the birds or who would like to know more.

The role of a Peregrine Volunteer

As a Peregrine Volunteer you will play an important role in protecting the birds not only by actively monitoring them but also by engaging with the visitors, showing them the birds and talking to them about the project. By doing this we are helping to prevent anybody harming the birds or stealing eggs by raising their profile and encouraging people to appreciate the presence of the peregrines and the many other species of birds here in the Plym Valley.

What will I be doing?

■Watching and monitoring the behaviour of the birds whilst assisting visitors to view the birds through the telescopes

■Helping to keeping the daily diary

■Recording the number of visitors to the viaduct viewing platform

■Keeping a record of any disturbance to the nest site and reporting any incidents to the National Trust Rangers or the police.

What experience will I need?

You need to be reliable, responsible and have a friendly disposition and a tactful approach when dealing with the public and a genuine enjoyment of talking with people. You could have an interest in birds, their conservation and the woodland environment generally; however you do not need to be a skilled ornithologist or an ‘expert’ in the field. You should have a love of the outdoors and be able to work in wet and windy or hot conditions as the viaduct is exposed to the elements.

Are there any expectations of me as a volunteer?

Yes there are. As a volunteer you will be acting as an ambassador for the National Trust when volunteering. Therefore there are certain requirements that will be asked of you in relation to this role.

■ A tactful and sensitive approach when dealing with children and young people.

■ A regard for health and safety of self, other workers and the public.

■ Honest, responsible and caring with assets and security

■ Awareness of customer care and a generally professional approach

■ Respect for confidentiality of information.

How much of a commitment will it be?

The public Peregrine viewing platform has set opening hours and the volunteers are needed to help cover this. The opening times vary depending on what the birds are up to but you can contribute as many hours as you wish to. Some people like to do a regular slot every week whilst others like to do more than one, you can also offer to fill gaps in the rota on a more ad hoc basis when you are available depending on other commitments.

Who will be supporting me as a volunteer?

Day to day support is provided by the National Trust Plym Valley Ranger Team who oversees the management of the project.

What do I get out of it?

Protecting these magnificent birds is extremely important and only possible because of the volunteer commitment we receive. The enjoyment of being outdoors in a beautiful setting where you will meet lots of new and interesting people. You will be adding new skills to your life and the chance to play a part in conservation.

After completing 50 hours of volunteering you will be eligible for a volunteer card which allows you free access to any National Trust property for one year and discount at our retail outlets.

You will receive all the training necessary to use the equipment provided so that you can undertake your shifts with confidence.

If you think this opportunity sounds interesting and would like more information without any obligation please email the Peregrine Project Ranger – or apply for the opportunity on

You can also express your interest in getting involved in future seasons by filling in the form below.

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